• I am a CREATOR, a communicator, and a connector.

    Making people smile is what I love to do.


    Above all, I believe that it's impossible to sell anything - product, service, or idea - in good conscience if it's not worth its salt. The first and last objective should be delivering something truly wonderful, something that people really want or need, and something that you yourself believe is good.


    Good work and value creation arise naturally from people who are passionate about what they're doing. I'm passionate about people - from psychology and learning what makes us tick to making somebody's day with a compliment or a small gift, and every engaging conversation in between.


    My favorite project is one that is meaningful. I have a long history of volunteering with zoos, animal shelters, community gardens, and charity kitchens, where I've advocated for conservation, animal welfare, and universal access to healthy meals. Social responsibility is what turns a good business model into a world-changing force.

  • Writing

    Pieces, editorial and otherwise - from most to least recent.

    Personal Project accompanying a communications criticism class

    An exercise in understanding the scale and intensity of the miscommunication during the 2016 election season, during which I was taking a writing intensive communications class. I tried to create an approachable metaphor - one my friends and I could use to help ourselves and others scrutinize the deeply rooted connotations held by certain words, concepts, and institutions.

    Final Papers in Theories of Conflict & Negotiation and Communications Criticism

    Each 23-26 pages long, these final research papers were the culmination of the critical discourse analysis skills taught in Northeastern's writing intensive 4000-level communications courses. The first concerns how discourse can unpack the successes and failures of a persuasive dialogue about a highly controversial subject, while the second delves into the widespread influence of "American" discourses and the effect they have on the worldwide audiences of popular culture.

    Editorial for Blast Magazine

    A ~700 word piece about kids who grew up attached to their computers and the salient benefits of their experience, despite the perception of that digital childhood as wasted time. A paean to the nervous nerds of the world.

    TED-style talk for a writing-intensive class

    A ~3,000 word essay written in the style of a TED talk. It aims to demonstrate how video games qualify as a form of fine art, and then to explore the benefits of using games in the context of art and culture education.

    Blog Posts for Mass DiGI

    Reflections on process and pitching from an 11-week internship with the Mass Digital Games Institute (or MassDiGI), at which I served as lead environment artist for a five person game development team. Wobbles, a puzzle platformer, is available on iOS and Android.

  • Work History

    Where I've been, where I'm going.


    Communications Director

    2016 - 2017


    Pet Care Concierge/Biz Dev

    2015 - 2016

    Animal Rescue League


    2013 - 2016

    The Boston Globe

    Brand Marketing


    Bare Tree Media

    Brand Management

    2013 - 2015

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